場所 石浜墓地
経緯  (38.3339,141.0969)







白石広造は豪傑の人でした。常に「富国強兵、宣揚皇威」を信念としていました。 殖産興業の方法を海や陸に探し求め、たくさんの事業を施したため、その貢献は極めて多いことが伝わっています。


明治5年には、陸前の国の石浜に2年間移住して、運送業につき、住民を呼び寄せ、倉庫を造り、関東京三陸北海道間の定期航路を開拓し、地方の振興をはかりました。 また私財を投じて、陸羽間(陸奥国と出羽国)の道路を整備し、貨物の輸送、海産物の販売、地方の供給を助けました。さらに鰹節の製法を改良なども行い、その評判がたかまり、ついには松島湾漁業組合を結成、組頭の職についた後には、古くからある紛議を解決したほか、魚類の繁殖を行うなどの功績もありました。

他にも牡蠣の養殖を薦めて、漁民の困窮を救ったほか、肥料の輸入、蚕業の推進、米殻の改良などを行い、教育を普及させ、学校の基本財産などを整え、公衆の利益のために尽力を注ぎました。 そして、このようなすばらしい実績となったために、天皇陛下から藍綬褒章を賜り、表彰されました。



Kozo Shiraishi(白石広造) was hero. He always had a belief in “National prosperity, Enhance the prestige of the Emperor”. He sought out ways to promote industry by sea and land, and contributed to many businesses As a result, his contributions are reportedly quite numerous.

In November 1910, he was awarded the Medal with Blue Ribbon by the Imperial Court. According to certificate of merit, he was high caliber and aspired to develop sea routes for the sake of commercial and industrial development.

In 1872, he moved to Ishihama in Rikuzen Province for two years to work in the transportation business, bringing in residents, building warehouses, and pioneering regular shipping routes between Tokyo, Sanriku, and Hokkaido to promote the region.

He also spent his own money to build a road between Mutsunokuni(陸奥国) and Dewanokuni(出羽国) to help transport cargo, sell seafood, and supply the region. Further, he improved the manufacturing process for dried bonito flakes, and his reputation grew so great that he finally formed the Matsushima Bay Fisheries Association and became the head of the union, resolving old disputes and breeding fish.

Likewise, he recommended oyster farming to save the fishermen from poverty, imported fertilizer, promoted the sericulture industry, improved rice hulls, spread education, prepared basic property for schools, etc., for the benefit of the public.

As a result, he was awarded the Medal with Blue Ribbon by His Majesty the Emperor for such a wonderful achievement.

Kozo Shiraishi was the second child of Seibei, who lived in Gyoko-mura Senzuka, Kitakushika-gun, Saitama Prefecture (present-day Satte City, Saitama Prefecture), and his mother's name is Miyoko. He had ambitions at an early age, but at the age of seven he lost his dependable family. After that, at the age of 18, he went to Yokohama, where he learned to sail from the Englishman and the Frenchman, and traveled often to and from Hokkaido.